So back in mid August we invited a bunch of our friends to join us for an epic freak out jam at Glasgow's favourite vegetable slaughterhouse, Mono. We played a total of two completely improvised sets, and needless to say, a chaotic, astral and ridiculously fun time was had by all. We were joined by many musicians, namely a second drummer (fantastic folkster Adam Stearns) a second guitarist (Thomas Campbell of Redwings) a second synth player (Tukka Asplund of Pyramidion and Boom Edan) as well as Graham Gillespie on a trusty Juno and Calum Calderwood on the ol' fiddle for the second set. You can view a good portion of the first half of the first set below! (Special thanks to John for filming and providing an oil projector for the show)

Second part of the first set [HERE]