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We'd just like to send out a big thank you to all the heads who came out to see us play with Gnod in Glasgow & Newcastle at the end of last month, it was nice to see such a great turn out at both gigs, and great to finally meet our spiritual brothers in psych, Gnod, who not only blew our minds with their live show (seriously, one of the best live bands you will catch in the UK at the moment) but were a bunch of bloody lovely people to boot. Big thanks also to Jonny and Becca for helping us get to Newcastle, as well as Kitty for kindly donating us her flat to crash in for the night. Our next gig will be at the Arches in Glasgow with the transplendant White Hills from New Yoik on the 21st March. Another ace show we can't wait to play. You can buy tickets online [here] In the meantime, heres a video of our glasgow gig with Gnod on the 24th.
(Thanks to John for filming.)