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Julian recently answered some questions from M3 on the pros and cons of free music, the reasons behind the traditional album length and without a hint of irony (okay then, maybe some) the band’s potential for psychic healing. Read it [here]

Photograph by Greg Neate (c)
In other news, we'll be ge going on our first UK tour in August, though we still need to finalise one last date, but there'll be more information about that on here once it's sorted. Before that however, We'll be playing the Wickerman festival in East Kirkcarswell, sharing an eclectic bill with the likes of Texas, the Scissor Sisters and The View. Can't wait, I think they'll all end up being our best pals. Though we won't be sticking around for long however as we'll be heading over to Newcastle the next day to play at an all day event called Narc Fest. We'll be playing on the Leave Me Here stage outside The Tyne Bar which is free. Also playing are the fantastisch Queer’d Science, Juffage, Cauls & John Duo jazz duo. Hope to see some of you north eastern folk there! [Facebook event page for that here.]