▲▲▲ The Cosmic Dead reborn on Orange vinyl ▲▲▲

We are very pleased to announce that our debut self titled album is getting a relase on some lovely orange vinyl courtesy of the lovely folk over at Cardinal Fuzz.

Available to pre-order via the Cardinal Fuzz website.
Taken from the Sunrise Ocean Bender:

"The Cosmic Dead is another tasty slice in an already delicious run of limited edition releases from Cardinal Fuzz. If ever there was an opus deserving of a wax job, this is it. If you’re not familiar with The Cosmic Dead, or this monster of a record, here’s your chance. And you better grab it. As with other Cardinal releases, like the recent outstanding Gnod/Black Bombaim live leviathan, Black Gnod, the unhinged jamfest from Bristol’s The Heads, Inner Space Broadcasts Vol. 1, and the sweet pairing of Black Tempest and Dead Sea Apes, it’s sure to evaporate quickly. Cardinal Fuzz came out of the gate hard and fast and established an impeccable track record immediately that shows no signs of stopping. Access to the recent tour-only/RSD Mugstar epic, Centralia is in the works as well as a rare live outing from Sweden’s Hills. All good reasons to stand up and testify for the Cardinal."

Visit the Cardinal Fuzz website to pre-order your copy HERE
More exciting news to come very soon!