▲▲ New ambient drone album 'Orbiting Salvation' ▲▲

Artwork by our very own Lewis Cook!
Our second release of March Twenty Thirteen is a download-only album of 4 various droney/ambient experiments, entitled Orbiting Salvation. The Obelisk wrote some kind words about it over at their [website].

"Released concurrent to a new tape Live at the Note that finds the at home in their space rock improv element, Glasgow-based jam heads The Cosmic Dead have today unveiled Orbiting Salvation. A release of a much different kind — and digital only — it brings together four ambient pieces put together by the band based on synth and drones rather than the band’s usual psychedelic swirl. A different lineup is featured on each of the tracks, but with the ultra-subdued vibe each of the extended works presents, it’s easier than ever to lose yourself in the sounds. If you have headphones handy, I hope you also brought a snorkel. Orbiting Salvation has been made available at The Cosmic Dead Bandcamp page, where one can explore a host of releases. That the band would have two put together for release already only three months into 2013 speaks well of what might be a very good year to hit up deepest space (rock). Far out and then some:"