▲▲ Europe - Round II - COSMICALLY SMASHED ▲▲

Thankful to say we all got back from Europe in one piece again, just in time for xmas dinner with the family, and a slurry of shitty TV. As with last time, we met tons and tons of fantastic and wonderful people, and saw a nice large amount of new places (and new countries) as well.
Mainland Europe, stay tuned, we will be back inside of you in 2014!!! (oaft.)

Special thanks go out to, in a roughly chronological order - Adam Ian Sykes, Simon McCaig, Chris Cusack & Bloc, Harrison Reid, Sammy Powell, Dead Sea Apes, Ghold, Ash Bronsan, Reds, Greg Neate, Megan and Jo Leggo, The Chunnel, Eileen V D Wilt, The city of Amsterdam (and its horizontal hailstone storms), Peter Weening and all the volunteers of Vera Groningen, DJ Rich, Groningen's Egg Balls (evidently worth fighting for), Vincent Teteart, The people of Salle Rogier Bruxelles, Wooden Shjips, Marjolein Kooijman, The Gooch, the people of Groene Engel in Oss, Matthias Rein and the people of Kubaa in Zurich, Vincent Melay, Pierre Desenfant, Noyade, The drunks of Lyon, Alice Renault, Libido Fuzz & The Raindrops, Paul & Sian, Fermin Manchado, Jinko Vilova, the people of the Sala BeGood, Edu Garcia, El Paramo, the people of the Sirco Madrid, Nick Allport, Joao Boryslav, Jaime Raposo, Al Lover, Carlos Ferriera, Asimov, Gesso & the people of the Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, Andre and Amplificasom, Lovers & Lollipops, Camera, Eric Copeland, Hugo Cano & his amazing culinary skills, the people of Ibu Hots, François Menut, Boubi Sablon, The Heretic and its wonderful people, Acid Bonanga, Blackbird Hill, Naam, Nico Dead Pig, Marc Gerard, the kind people of L'escalier, the overwhelming generosity of a one Eli Pizzuto, Antony Chalmers, Throne, Superlove 5000 aka, Liz & Sean, Frances Ross, the Shacklewell Arms, Adam Reid, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Luminous Bodies, Repo Man, Ekoplekz, St John The Baptist for letting us use his Crypt, Liam Casey, The people of Stereo, Trembling Bells, Hidden Masters, Sharptooth, Big Hogg and of course, not forgetting Ricky Biondetti, without whom, the tour would not have been possible! Hope 2014 treats all of you well. Merry Cosmos.
Also, if any of you wanted a print of the tour poster for this tour, but missed out, (they sold out towards the end of the tour) we now have some up for sale on our bandcamp over [HERE]!