▲▲▲ These Things Always Come in Threes ▲▲▲

We're very happy to announce that Sheffield based label Evil Hoodoo will be releasing our third album proper, Inner Sanctum this month! (Artwork just on the left there) It's 74 minutes long in total (what else did you expect?!?) and spread over 4 tracks. It will initially be released on cassette tape with some lovely hand-sewn cases, courtesy of Thom, and possibly on other formats later!

Big thanks goes out to mircophone pointer/mixing desk jockey/secret pornstar Gary Milne, who kindly recorded us as part of his course at the SAE in Glasgow, way back in March 2011! We've been sitting on these recordings for quite a while now, so it's good to finally get them out there! We hope you enjoy our sonic transmissions!

Here's a nice little review of the album from Sean over at Funky Gibbins [LINK]