▲▲▲ The Mighty Cozmik EUROGASM Adventure ▲▲▲

The Coazamik Young Teem with punmaster generaal Harriswon Reid. (c) goDi 2013
Wow. 3 weeks of pretty much non-stop gigging, and y'know, we weren't even tired by the end of it! (well, maybe just a little bit). So much fun, so many good times, so many nice people. Let me assure you that Europe is the place to go for good food, good beer and good vibes. Do it. Do it now. Every single show of the tour was an absolute pleasure to play, and everywhere we travelled, we were made to feel incredibly welcome. Big shout out to Walter for asking us to play this year's Roadburn, which in fact provided the main incentive to do a european tour in the first place! Other big shout outs go to Ricky Biondetti & Swamp Booking for booking all of our European dates on the tour, Bloc for providing us with our transport, and not forgetting; the ever impeccable, veracious, punmaster generaal himself, Harrison Reid! Harrison was kind enough to drive us about for pretty much most of the round trip, kept us all sane, in high spirits, and made sure we didnt go all Jack Torrance and kill each other. He also took many a photo and video during the tour, so stay tuned, as that stuff will probably surface soon! In the meantime, we order you to head over to his website HERE and view his photography as it's pretty fucking special. The talented bastard. Do it NOW.

Standing about in front of a motherfucking mountain. Motherfucks.
Anyway, big thanks again to everyone else who helped make our Euro tour, first of all, happen, and secondly, made it so enjoyable! We love you - David Weaver, Chris Cusack, Thom Bettney, Nathan Gibson, Matt Cargill, You're Smiling Now, But We'll All Turn into Demons, BlackHOODS, Tony Erdélyi, Lucile Heintz, Stone Rising Festival, My Sleeping Karma, Corrado Montonaro, Suzie & Rachel, Golden Void, Da Captain Trips, That fucking ice cream shop in Milan, Giacomo & Scoia, Menrovescio, Pawel Zandl, Otehi, Vlad & Jan, Teeth Of The Sea, Klaus Brotkorb, Elder, Pet The Preacher, Frank, Mr Peter Hayden, Sascha, Gnod, The White Trash burgers, Walter & Roadburn, Pieter Coolen, Endless Boogie, Jasper Verleyen, Cécile Beirinckx, Cécile's amazing parents, Daniel Fontana, Matthias Rein, Bastien, Pussywarmers, Réka Csiszér, Bagarre Generale & Datcha Mandala, Vince (& his lost Delegation), The Mushroom heads, The Channel Tunnel, Neil & Al of Champagne Justice, Heloise Zamzam, Olmo Uiutna, Anthropropph, Olanza, Uiutna, Zak and Pus North, Bish, Cromlech, Electric Church, Ewan Cameron, Buried Sleeper, []wall[] & Glacier. Also not forgetting everyone who came to see us play, especially those who travelled long distances! (Apologies if we missed anyone out)


Lastly, here's a couple of videos from the tour, the left video is our entire set from our show in Paris, and to the right, a short snippet of our set at Roadburn! Thanks to ShinjuGumi and mwegeland for filming!

Enjoy, and we'll see you again SOON Europe. Watch your back.